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FD2R Exhaust Upgrade

The parts that we ordered for our customer finally arrived! Lets get to the fun part unboxing and installation. This time we paired up Maxim Works exhaust manifold with J's Racing FX-Pro Full Titanium exhaust system. 


Installation was a breeze, just a few bolts on the manifold flange was a bit hard to get the tools in there. And if you haven't notice, the manifold comes with heat shield in order to protect the rubber hoses in the surrounding area, as the exhaust manifold can get really hot when the car is driven at high RPM.


Upgrading exhaust system not only improve the power and torque of the car, but selecting the right exhaust you will decrease the weight of the car as well. The OEM weight of the catback exhaust system is 13.6kg whereas J's Racing catback exhaust system is 6.4kg, which is 200% of weight saving on that part itself.

After everything is installed properly, we started the car to check for any exhaust leak, and also did a sound check. I would say is probably one of the best sounding exhaust for the FD2R, it really brings out the sound of a Honda K20 naturally aspirated engine.